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Caucasian flavours in Budapest


Olia Hercules


5-6 APRIL 2016. 19:00



1054 Budapest, Aulich u.8.


“Supra literally means ‘tablecloth’, it is however not about linen, but about having so many different dishes at a long table – that they don’t fit and overlap over each other – covering a table like a table cloth would.”



Saffron and chicken broth and steamed manty (tarragon,dill,coriander,red basil)




Fermented apple puree, caramelised celeriac, crispy lomo

Pistachio satsivi and preserved lemon paste cauliflower, crispy shallots, pomegranates

Endive, kohlrabi, radish and sorrel salad in tkemali and pomegranate molasses dressing

Beef kharcho




Sour cherry and rosemary jelly and bay ice cream, sunflower seed gozinaki

The is 15900 HUF per person and the served drinks are included.





Olia Hercules was born in a small village in Southern Ukraine,  where she watched the hilarious „Mamushka” dance of the iconic American movie, The Addams Family, which became the title of her first and highly successful cookbook, published in the U.K. last June. For her, the title evokes freedom and also refers to all the strong women in her family, from her mother, also named Olia, to her Armenian aunt and Siberian grandmother.


She spent a year of her university studies in Italy, that is where she has fallen in love with eating, food, and cooking. She moved to London 12 years ago, where she trained at Leith’s Cookery School and learned the trade in the fiery kitchens of Ottolenghi. Olia regularly publishes her recipes in The Guardian, Sainsbury’s and Jamie magazines, and often appears in Food Network’s Red, Hot and Yummy program.


Observer has named her Rising Food Star of 2015, directing attention to the cuisine of Eastern Europe. Olia likes to combine British and international flavors in her Armenian, Ukrainian, Siberian dishes. “I am very lucky that I can show the traditions of my country to the world” – declares Olia Hercules, who is also an incredibly successful food stylist.


Photo by: Agniezska Trozch


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