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Loic Villemin


Avant-garde organic

Michelin Star Dinners


29-30 March 2017 19:00


La Perle Noire,

1063 Budapest, Andrássy út 111. 





Crunchy chicken skin

Mushrooms and quinoa

Potato blinis, oeuf de truite, horseradish

Radish pie

Friss 2016 Olaszrizling



Langoustine, hay, cereal risotto

KőKövön 2015 Furmint


Vegetables dish

Selection Juhfark 2015


Duck and Jerusalem artichoke

Apukám Világa 2015 Olaszrizling



Potato dessert, smoked yolk, milk caramel, yeast

Zeus 2015



petit four

Yeast macaron



@All rights are reserved in case of any changes on the menu. 




The price is 25900.- HUF per person and the served wine and water is included.


Loic Villemin


We are thrilled to announce Loic Villemin, the guest chef of our next dinner event. Chef Villemin was the youngest chef in France to be awarded the honour of a Michelin star in 2012. Gault Millau has awarded him 16.5 points and 3 hats.

Restaurant Toya opened its doors in Lorraine, France, in 2010. Its name derives from Lake Toya, located south of Shikotsu-Tōya National Park in the southern Sapporo region. The area is characterised by an astonishing and constantly changing multitude of diverse fish, vegetables and fruits and reflects Loic’s inventive spirit in the kitchen.

Loic buys his fish from a fishing boat. He buys the rest of the freshest ingredients from local producers, including the meat. The menu changes weekly, depending on the season and what he finds on the market. Loic is a dedicated champion of traditional techniques, pickling a great deal of vegetables and fruits, and makes his own vinegar. He has a passion for surprisingly light, clean foods and loves to sneak some Asian elements into his dishes.

His avant-garde organic kitchen is a haven for chefs the world over. A Belgian, a Korean and a Japanese chef assist his work currently.

At the Budapest dinner, he is going to be assisted by the Chef of La Perle Noire, Olivér Heiszler, until recently the Chef at Michelin-starred Tanti.

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